Today’s painting


I have been doing watercolor painting for about 5 months now, and as I look back I can see improvement.  However, since I am too impatient to take lessons, I will never be a great or even good artist.

But some things I have discovered are that everyone has their own style in any form of artistic venture, just the same as their clothing or home.DSC07042

Mine is more loose , a bit impressionistic.  I do not try for detail or a photo like picture. I have been watching some videos and reading some blogs to pick up tips.  You will notice that there is a date and notes when this is on the easel.  That is so when I come back to look at it later, I will know how I achieved it.  Because I am so new to this, I can’t tell just by looking!

Here are 3 of my favorite blogs, each one totally different from the other, but I seem to learn from all of them.


Find your joy in trying something new

               You will find it liberating…donnajean


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